Guitar Lessons @ your Home

Improve your playing with the latest guitar techniques

  • An up-to-date teaching system to develop solid musical and technical foundations. Learn the fastest ways to achieve speed and control, secrets to make your practice time really count and how to structure a solo like a pro.

Berklee College of Music graduate with lots of experience teaching and performing.

  • Blues Player? Tired of playing the same old pentatonic patterns? learn how to break away and infuse new breath and finesse into your blues improvisation. Play different chord per beat, four chords per bar for 12 bars!!!

Chord Melody, Jazz

  • Learn some of the most beautiful chord passages, the same chord shapes used by Joe Pass and many of the top jazz players.
  • understand the "why" behind each of those chord lines so you can use them freely to play chord melody of any desired song!!!  learn to play the same melody with different chords each time around!
  • the principles behind the most complex chord melodies and chord substitutions are very simple and easy to understand as long as you have some basic understanding of chord structure and intervals (if you don't, we can go over them very quickly).

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